10 Best GMT Watches Under $500 – Get A Luxury Watch (Reviews)

Watches are not just about telling time anymore; they are statements of style, precision, and functionality. Among the wide array of watches, GMT watches hold a special place.

With the ability to track multiple time zones simultaneously, they are a testament to horological sophistication and practical ingenuity. For those who travel frequently or work across different time zones, a GMT watch is a necessary companion.

When it comes to a GMT watch, accuracy is critical. Some watches might need to keep time more accurately, which can be a problem for people who rely on their watches to keep track of multiple time zones. To minimize such difficulties, let’s read to the end and choose the best watch for yourself.

Over 15 years, I’ve experienced the world of GMT watches, from Rolex’s robust GMT-Master II to the sophisticated Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot.

My journey through these timepieces, each unique in design and function, has honed my understanding. Let me guide you in choosing the perfect GMT watch, blending functionality, style, and personal comfort, making every second count.

Best GMT Watch Under 500 For You According to Our Research

Best GMT Watches Under 500

Brand Citizen
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 7 inches
Item Weight 3.06 Ounces
Band size 8.5 “
Bandwidth 23 mm

Basic Parameters

Movement: Japanese Quartz

Calendar: Perpetual Calendar

Bezel Material: Stainless Steel

Clasp: Buckle

Water-resistant depth: 666 Feet

Special Features: GMT Function, Chronograph, Stopwatch, World time

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Citizen Eco-Drive World Chronograph A-T Men’s Watch The Citizen Eco-Drive watch is fully packed with many features. No doubt that the name of the brand carries deep respect.

It put itself into the advanced era with its Eco-Drive line-up. It is powered by light, and its mysterious power can last 6 months. Also, the top sub-dial hand shows the current state of reserved power, so no guessing is needed.

It has radio-controlled, atomic timekeeping technology. That pickup radio signal resets the time while traveling. Watch time is always accurate because synchronization takes place every morning. But the catch, though, is its radio signals.

That only covers Japan, North America, Europe, and China. Functions won’t work outside these locations. On the inside, the blue patterned strap has yellow colors. With this color combination, it looks awesome.

Despite genuine leather, negligence may affect the durability of these straps. Its accuracy is verified by the precision of the 1/20th second chronograph function. That measures the elapsed time up to 60 minutes.

You can even count seconds as they elapse. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters, which means it can withstand being submerged in water. So, it can be worn anywhere, every day. Suitable for those who love sporty looks and classy at the same time.

Best GMT Watch

The Citizen Eco-Drive Men GMT watches are available in limited editions. A limited-edition watch is a watch produced in small numbers and at an average price to meet the high demand.

What makes it the top pick?


The Citizen Eco-Drive World Chronograph Limited Edition watch offer is designed and crafted from the finest high-quality materials available to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

Performance and Durability

It has a Japanese quartz movement with an analog display. It can be synchronized to an atomic time clock for superior accuracy. Atomic timekeeping technology with synchronized time adjustment is available in 26 time zones. 

Performance and Durability

Specific functions include a 1/20 second chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes, a perpetual calendar, 12/24 hour time, day-date, alarm, and a power reserve indicator.

Citizen Eco-Drive’s products are powered by light. This means they don’t need batteries – they never need to be recharged.

Design and Appearance

This handsome timepiece is in stainless steel with a blue ion-plated bezel. The Blue Angels watch is as graceful and accurate, so it gets any young fellow’s attention. The Citizen Eco-Drive Men is a versatile accessory with timeless appeal. 

Dial: With a dark blue inner rotating dial that contrasted white and yellow tone chronograph minute hand and amazed the person. The dial of this watch is large and round.

Case: The polished finish stainless steel case with the blue ion-plated stationary bezel is just fantastic with a stainless steel crown. The watch has stainless steel push buttons with resin-blue enamel accents.

Band: The watch has a blue leather strap with a conventional strap buckle.

Warranty Policy

A five-year warranty covers the watch, so you can get repairs or replacements if something goes wrong with it in the future.

Packing and Delivery

Your watch will be shipped in a special Citizen watch box that is perfect for gift-giving or storage. The shipping is free, and it will be delivered to your door within 2-3 days.

Packing and Delivery

Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Why should you choose to buy it?

If you are looking for a luxury edition watch, the Citizen Eco-Drive watch is made for you because of its classy display and stylish case.

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Its blue leather strap makes you more stylish and attractive. It is an average-budgeted limited edition watch that can quickly come into your range. Don’t hesitate to buy this watch, and it’s a highly recommended one.

about citizen

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There are several watches that we have reviewed for you if you would like to review more best GMT watches under $500

Review of the Best GMT Watches Under $500

In this article, I have put together this list of the best GMT watches under 500 from amazon and discussed completely detail about their pricing, manufacturing detail, specifications, durability, user experience reviews, pros, and cons. So let’s explore every single watch.

1. Zeppelin GMT Black Leather Strap Watch (Best Lightweight Watch)

Zeppelin GMT Black Leather Strap Watch

Brand Zeppelin
Special features Multi-time zone Watch
Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 50 Meters
Movement Quartz
Weight and Dimension 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches; 3.17 Ounces

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Zeppelin Second Time Zone GMT Black Leather Strap Watch Regarding manufacturing, Germany has a great reputation. Sure, Zeppelin comes into that reputation with quality second to none.

The design of this watch is simple yet elegant. Pleasant chunkiness doesn’t come with a great deal, and it is reasonably lightweight. And doesn’t put constraints on normal arm movements.

There is a catch, though – the Crown is a bit large and can rub the top of your left-hand wrist. Inner 24hr numbers are tiny, but that can be expected. However, it is made of stainless steel, and it has water resistant up to 50 meters.

The dark blue dial is large and very eye-catching. Also, hands are readable. It’s a German watch with a Swiss quartz movement. As well as with the caliber Ronda 505.24D. This watch comes with a black leather strap with cream topstitching.

But some users might feel that its strap needs some more holes. If you are looking for a stylish and practical watch for men, you should buy this watch.

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2. JBW Luxury Men’s GMT Quartz Watch (Best For Classy Lovers)

best gmt watch

Brand JBW
Special features Multi-time zone Watch
Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 50 Meters
Movement Swiss Quartz
Weight and Dimension 0.16 x 0.24 x 0.24 inches; 1.5 Pounds

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JBW Luxury Men’s Jet Setter GMT J6370 1.00 ctw Diamond Wrist Watch Just Bling Watch, mostly branded as JBW. The watch brand undoubtedly has reflective rocks, particularly crystal and diamond varieties.

The consensus among JBW fans mentions that it doesn’t compromise its quality. You will like this watch because of its unique design. It has a sleek and stylish look. The case size is 46mm, which is a perfect fit for a man’s wrist. It is a very classy and fashionable watch that looks great when wearing it.

The dial has a beautiful, attractive silver color. That covers 12 additional cities in the world. Also, it has an accurate Swiss Quartz movement. Note: Not suitable for those who don’t like others’ attention or being observed.

Discussing the price point, tough to deny the great quality and luxurious vibes at a better price. If you want to make a good impression on others. It would help if you considered it. It would make you stand out in the crowd with a sharp look.

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3. Stuhrling Original Men’s GMT Wristwatch (Wonderfull Skeleton Design)

Stuhrling Original Men's GMT Wristwatch

Brand Stuhrling 
Special features Greenwich Mean Time Watch
Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 50 Meters
Movement Swiss Quartz
Weight and Dimension 3.39 x 6.85 x 6.77 inches; 1.23 Pounds

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Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Stuhrling is considered a seriously breathtaking good-looking watch with a friendly budget. An exhibition-style case-back lets you peek into the inner workings of the automatic movement.

Being an automatic watch, it’s no wonder the brand stays with a skeleton design. Its gears are mesmeric. It can withstand extreme temperatures as it has a stainless-steel case. The stainless steel also allows it to resist scratches.

Another thing that makes it so popular is that it doesn’t require batteries. To keep it running, its automatic self-winding mechanical movement utilizes natural movement. But you cannot take it off and leave it for a day because you will lose time without it.

Compared to a quartz watch, it may not be accurate and long-lasting. To Keep business as well as family time differences throughout the day. The dual dials feature allows you to set a 2-time zone.

On top of the watch has AM/PM indicator. On which Sun indicates its morning and the night sky indicates its evening. There is a catch, though; its simple parts lose with time. People who use this watch report that it is accurate for others attention.

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4. Tissot Tradition Budget GMT Watch (Each Aspect Shows Quality)

Tissot Tradition Budget GMT Watch

Brand Tissot
Special features Dual-Time-display
Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 30 Meters
Movement 30 Meters
Weight and Dimension 72 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches; 2.36 Ounces

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In watch industry Tissot is one of the older brands, round about 160 years. It never shies in their quality product and innovation. The Tissot Men Tradition GMT 316L obviously suit with the active man who likes the modern look of a Swiss watch.

This watch contains really fascinating design with high quality aspects. Watch literally used Swiss technology and manufacturing methods to create its excellent product. But sometimes long-term excessive use may cause gaining and loosing time.

One thing is quite impressive that the watch looks massive. But when it come in actual use it feels like nothing. All its high-end look starts from the butterfly clasp buckle which create great vibes.

Also, have great ability to resist pressure, impacts as well as the penetration of liquids. The Dial window material type has Sapphire Crystal. That gives the properties of extremely high resistance to impact and transparent dial hand readability.

Sapphire is the strongest material after diamonds which is used in rare fine timepieces like Tissot. Their goal is to bring out the best in each product and that’s one of them.

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5. Alpina Men’s Sea Strong GMT Watch (Scratch-proof Valuable Watch)

Alpina Men's Sea Strong GMT Watch

Brand Alpina
Special features Dual-Time-display
Material Stainless Steel/Titanium
Water Resistance 660 Feet
Movement Swiss Quartz
Weight and Dimension 6 x 5.7 x 3.8 inches; 7 Ounces

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The SEASTRONG is a must-have item for those who love to stay up-to[1]date with the latest trends. This watch can keep time in a variety of different environments.

The dial of this watch is applied with luminous ink, which makes the dial easy to read under various lighting conditions. This is because the ink allows the dial to glow for a more extended period of time.

It is water resistant up to 300 m / 1000 ft. And has an anti-reflective, scratch-proof, sapphire crystal to protect your valuable watch from scratches and other damages. Watch waterproof rating makes it suitable for swimming.

Sometimes the GMT handle is not accurate, it is late or early, hardly coinciding with the actual time. However, watch is designed to be used in cold weather conditions like rain and snow.

No doubt, with high quality, and durability it can withstand rough and rugged conditions. The stainless-steel bracelet gives the watch a sporty look. It will add to the style of your wardrobe and you can wear it to the office.

Compare to leather strap the stainless-steel gives more ease. In fact, watch is ideal for both casual and formal occasions. An excellent choice for a man’s watch collection.

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6. Tissot Men’s Titanium White Dial Gmt Watch (Best For Water-Resistant)

Tissot Men's Titanium White Dial Gmt Watch

Brand Tissot
Special features Dual-Time-display
Material Stainless Steel/Titanium
Water Resistance 330 Feet
Movement Swiss Quartz
Weight and Dimension 3.31 x 6.77 x 4.8 inches; 1 Pounds

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Wearing a Tissot watch isn’t just an excellent choice for you. It also makes your style stand out. Whether you’re a casual guy or a serious businessman, Tissot watches are the perfect option.

All of Tissot’s men’s watches have durable build quality. Regarding clasp quality it is too smooth that can easily open with cuffs. Its Swiss quartz movement has the ability to keep accurate time.

This means that they will not lose accuracy over time. Which is really important when you are keeping your schedule on top of other priorities. Dial Hands with luminous tips can ease you on reading them easily in low light conditions.

If you want a durable watch that is water-resistant and can withstand all kinds of rough environments. Tissot watches are the perfect choice for you. Tissot Men’s watches are built to last.

Its long last battery can assure you to use it effectively. That realizes you won’t have to replace the battery. As often as you would if you used another brand. Even though they are lightweight, made from strong materials.

These watches are also designed to be functional. But Its finishing is questionable compare to other titanium brands. Being titanium, watch case and strap can easily scratched so be cautious. By the way, you won’t be disappointed when you add one of Tissot’s watches to your collection.

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7. Vostok Komandirskie GMT Automatic Watch (Preferable For Stronger Personalities)

Vostok Komandirskie GMT Automatic Watch

Special features Bidirectional bezel, Luminous
Material Stainless Steel/Titanium
Water Resistance 200 Meters
Movement Automatic
Weight and Dimension 1.89 x 1.61 x 0.59 inches; 8.01 Ounces

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This Russian military watch is perfect for men who demand a quality timepiece that looks and feels great. With a rugged design that they can wear with confidence. These watches were originally designed for the Soviet military, and the modern Russian Army.

But with the passage of time, they have been adopted to many other nations. Using it anyone can easily differentiate between a civilian and a military watch. Because Vostok military watch is generally bigger and have a stronger case.

It is usually made from stronger materials than those found in civilian watches. Also, usually have more technical features than usual. For the new users its features may concern them especially about date, time settings.

This military watch has a higher water resistance rating as well. The high[1]water resistance of the military watches. Means that they are more likely to survive in the event that they are accidentally dropped in water.

Positive point of buying a Vostok Komandirskie is that you won’t have to worry about losing it shortly. Made for really tough and rough environment. The shock resistance is one of the main reasons.

Why the Vostok Komandirskie watches are favored by soldiers and law enforcement officers. Specifically, when it comes to shock resistance, this watch has an advantage over others. This is why military watches are more durable than civilian watches.

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8. Lum-Tec Comat GMT Wristwatch (Perfect Style)

Lum-Tec Comat GMT Wristwatch

Brand Lum-Tec
Special features Shock resistant
Material Stainless Steel/Titanium
Water Resistance 200 Meters
Movement Swiss Quartz
Weight and Dimension 7.64 x 6.42 x 3.7 inches; 1.32 Pounds

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Looking for a watch great design in all aspects. Then look no further, because Lum-Tec is one of the leading watchmakers. They have created this amazing timepiece that you will love. It is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

The first thing you will notice about this piece is the design. It is an excellent piece of art with curve sapphire. The timepiece comes in stainless steel case that has been designed in a fashion.

That will make it easy for you to find it in your pocket. Two rugged nylon straps are very comfortable and they won’t break easily. The straps are designed to hold the watch securely on your wrist.

The Lum-Tec B45 features luminescent dots, which are very effective in lighting up the face of the watch. When the face of the watch is dark, these dots will light up to see the time easily.

Another great feature of the luminescent dial is that it will stay lit up even after the battery runs out. But regarding batteries manufacturer promises that it will last for five years. User may find losing time issues but it can be fixed easily. The Lum-Tec B45 is a must-have timepiece that can go with you anywhere.

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9. LIV Rebel-DDC Panda Causal GMT Dress Watch (Comfortable For All Users)

LIV Rebel-DDC Panda Causal GMT Dress Watch

Brand LIV
Special features Strong GMT Function
Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 100 Meters
Movement Swiss Quartz
Weight and Dimension 8.4 x 6.4 x 6.2 inches; 2.1 Pounds

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Tonneau Casual is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Its design makes sure to adjust the user on any occasion with a huge presence. This thing does have quite a presence.

On the other hand, you’ll see there’s some fake gearing and even on the back. It’s the same way these gears in no way are functional. But it uses quartz movement in such a way. That it’s hidden behind a front plate and a back plate.

They are sort of aesthetically more pleasing than the movement itself. The watch has a smooth finish with no sharp edges. The rubber strap is actually extremely comfortable and it’s really cool how it sort of works.

Because it’s a sort of butterfly deployment clasp that opens up. But these are spring loaded so you have to be careful with the spring. Closing the strap may be complicated but you can familiarize yourself with it.

Adjusting the time, the giant crown has plenty of grips you’ll never have an issue with it. A date window is a bit small and needs focus. However, that’s just screaming in your face. And the skeletonized nature of it really cools with its three-dimensional look

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Is it Beneficial to Wear a GMT Watch?

The most obvious reason for having the GMT watch on your wrist means it is always ready to tell you the time in a different time zone. 

The GMT complication indicates that a GMT watch is an excellent choice for a consumer. Having a feature, however, doesn’t mean you will use it. 

But a GMT complication is a perfect indication that you’re using your watch for the time zone and not just for the aesthetics.

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Important factors that should be Consider Buying GMT Watches

To get the best GMT watches for under $500, a few factors should be considered. Otherwise, you can wind up selecting the incorrect one.

What Is the Price of a GMT best Watch?

First of all, what is your budget? Do you have to spend a lot of money on this watch, or do you have a tight budget? If you need a good but affordable GMT watch.

GMT watches come in a broad range of costs, entirely depending on the brand you purchase them. Different watches are made to other specifications, and they may utilize a simple quartz movement or a very complicated and well-designed automatic mechanism.

Some Chinese firms produce GMT’s best watches at the lower end of the market for roughly $100. Given the modestly increased complexity of both the bezel and the mechanism, these aren’t nearly as inexpensive as non-GMT watches.

Multiple Time Zones Feature

Functionality is the second leading factor. This is a handy thing to have. It’s one of those features you don’t realize you need until you have it—the ability to be adaptable in understanding what time it is in different time zones.

Perhaps you have a distant relative or operate with clients in different time zones. This is a convenient tool. Before purchasing a GMT wristwatch, ensure that it features your required GMT location capabilities. Otherwise, you may bid farewell to your money.

Durability and Quality

When selecting a nice GMT watch, durability and quality are critical. It’s crucial to understand a product’s characteristics and durability.

In this situation, a stainless steel 24-hour bezel, GMT formatted quartz timepiece with several time zones shown on its 12-hour/24 hr format dial face will outlast lesser watches.

Plastics and metals such as aluminum alloys are more prone to chipping during contact sports when perspiration accumulates because they offer little protection against strikes.

While certain premium brands, such as Rolex, use high-grade, nickel-free stainless steel for their bracelets and cases, this does not imply you can trust us with your durability selection!

Additionally, the dial window should be protected with sapphire crystal, which has several advantages, including being extremely costly and robust while preserving its beauty even after years of usage.

Water Resistance Feature

When purchasing a GMT watch (or any watch, for that matter), you do not want to overlook water-resistant characteristics. It simply makes wearing the watch safer and provides peace of mind.

You won’t have to fear being caught in the rain or diving into a pool while wearing it. A water-resistant watch enables you to go about your daily activities without continually taking it off.

FAQs Related GMT Watches

What is a genuine GMT wristwatch?

A genuine GMT watch is a watch that the Greenwich Observatory regulates, or to be precise, the longitude of Greenwich regulates. If a watch is regulated this way, it will be correct worldwide.

Another prominent feature of a genuine GMT watch is a watch that has two more dials than regular watches. This extra dial lets you know the time zones in different cities worldwide.

Why do people like GMT watch?

Used mainly by people for its prominent feature of different time zones. These are the timepieces that feature dual time zones. They are famous in America and they have been trendy for decades worldwide.

According to some, a GMT wristwatch appears more distinguished because it shows two separate time zones simultaneously. Others choose to wear a GMT watch for convenience!

Who was the inventor of the GMT watch?

The first contemporary wristwatch featuring a 24-hour dial was Cartier’s 1928 French Army “Pilot” watch. Of course, there were previous watches, but they lacked a 24-hour dial and could only tell the time at 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. Or both hours on the same dial face are all referred to as GMTs, even if they were manufactured well after 1928!

Conclusion – Best GMT Watches Under $500

In this article, I have tried to explain GMT watches. I have compiled a list of the top GMT watches under $500 that combines exquisite design with high-end performance and long-lasting sturdiness. These watches are a little pricey but worth it.

This article will assist you in selecting the most excellent quality if you are in the market for a high-grade timepiece.

GMT watches are trendy in the market, especially among people who like to travel a lot.

If you are a frequent traveler and are looking for a water-resistant watch that will keep you safe from getting caught in the rain, a watch will do the trick.

There are several brands of GMT watches, and they all share the same features. They all have the same purpose and are all made with the same materials. However, it’s best to buy a brand that you can trust.

I hope that my evaluation of GMT watches will aid your decision regarding the watch that would be most appropriate for you.

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